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Not lying

Confession time: Kottke posted this list of books people most often lie about having read. I can admit that the only one I’ve finished is number 5, Madame Bovary. And the only reason I did so is that I brought it when I was going to New York City, and it was the only book I’d brought. I disliked it. Of course I can see its relevance to literary history and all that, but recognising greatness and innovation is (fortunately) not the same as personal taste. Apart from that, I’ve read 3/4s of War and Peace (like everyone else, I understood little of the war bits, but enjoyed the rest), the first chapter of Ulysses (loved it, but it’s hard work), the first one and a half volumes of Remembrance of Things Past (the same), a couple of chapters of A Brief History of Time (I found it absolutely fascinating, but again) and most of Midnight’s Children (for a uni class), which I  didn’t like very much. And you?

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